The Krone Trail (クローネ山道 Kuronne Yamamichi) is a road that leads to the Krone Pass in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. It is a mountainous area but with a straightforward road to connect it with the West Bose Highway for travellers. Nevertheless, there are still monsters afoot in the area with a small but good variety of different monsters for the player to be careful.


When Estelle and Joshua decided to head to Ruan for their bracer training, they head through the Krone Trail alone as Scherazard and Olivier left for Rolent. After they passed the Krone Trail, they proceeded through the Krone Pass and stayed the night before a danger lurked and attacked them.


The Krone Trail is located in the Bose Region west of the City of Bose. The area consists of many mountainous plateaus with trees and flowers beside them. There are some monsters to fight in the area as well as an optional bracer mission involving the Krone Trail as well. The area is split by the Krone Pass. One side is on the Bose Region while the left would be on Ruan, connecting with the Manoria Byroad.



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