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Lazy Hemisphere
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Kanji ワジ・ヘミスフィア
Rōmaji Waji Hemisufia
True Name
Alias(es) Blue Testament (蒼の聖典)
Age 17 (Zero/Ao/Akatsuki)
18 (CS2)
20 (CS3)
Date of Birth S.1187
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Amber
Hair Color Green
Weapon Martial Arts
Akashic Arm
Orbment Space
Affiliation Testaments
Special Support Section
Occupation Gang Leader
SSS Reserve Member
Dominion Knight
Piloted Units
Main Game
Zero no Kiseki
Ao no Kiseki
Other Media
Voice Actor(s)
Special Support Section Badge Gralsritter Emblem

Łazy Hemisphere is the owner of the Trinity bar in the Downtown District of Crossbell City, and leader of the local street gang 'Testament' in Zero no Kiseki. He later joins the Special Support Section as their reserve member in Ao no Kiseki, who is also revealed to be Dominion No.9.


A bisexual teenager with green hair who first appears in his clothing "Testament" collaged with blue and white colors and biblical crosses. He wears medium-blue long sleeve jacket zipped from the right, high above the bellybutton. Bottom-down, he wears navy denim pants under long white height boots with the right one cross-themed.

After joining the SSS, Łazy switches to a more casual fighting uniform in a black-color theme, minus the blue-striped long scarf. White fingerless gloves and chord shirt underneath a black jacket with the same bottom height as his previous one. Followed by black pants and brown boots, his whole outfit is punk-fashioned featured by his collars: neck choker, waist belt, leg thighs and boots.


Łazy appears as a calm individual strongly composed keeping his emotions to the minimum between a smile and a frown. He tends to act both formal and informal between a delinquent and a proper gentleman on rare occasions such as being host in the Schwartz Auktion.

While all being at personal interest, it was to conceal his true identity where Łazy takes his duties as Church Knight seriously due to his past. Thus in relation, Łazy will not hesitate to confront the issue into his personal matters, such as Wald's lustful pursuit for strength.

Character Profile

First introduced when the SSS is sent to stop a disturbance in the Old Town caused by the Testaments and a rival gang, he later discretely helps Lloyd and company to dress up for an undercover operation in the Black Auction event.


Lazy is a professional martial artists whose blows are are lightning quick. After his identity is revealed, Łazy uses an Akashic Arm for combat.


  • Like Noel, Łazy joins the party as a guest member in Zero no Kiseki, then becomes a full member in the sequel as a member of the SSS.
  • His name is pronounced as 'Wazy' and not 'Lazy'. The 'Ł' is a Polish spelling for English 'W' sound.
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