Trails in the Sky SC


Having Kevin with a Gladiator Belt and/or Earth Wall/Gaia Shield (other people as well) is recommended because of all his clones and the fact that his summons have an area attack. However, Loewe can be debuffed (STR/DEF/ADF/SPD can be debuffed on him) making the fight more manageable (this doesn't apply to his clones he summons though, making it easy to spot the true Loewe).


  • AT Delay
  • Freeze

Arts & Crafts

  • Earth Guard: Physical Immunity
  • La Tearal:
  • Silver Thorn: Magic damage, 90% confuse
  • Zero Storm: Sends a straight cyclone that cancel art casting and charged attacks
  • Body Split: Creates shadow replicas of himself with the option of using arts, he can use earth walls to shield his other clones or himself.(needs to be analyzed)
  • Dead Emperor Sword: One of Loewe's S-Crafts (possibly triggered at <= 33% health)
  • Demon Flames: One of Loewe's S-Crafts (Small area, activated at the start of battle)

Riot Saber

  • At the start of the fight, Loewe starts with 2 Riot Sabers. They can use Plasma Ball to deal damage from a distance, which inflicts seal. Also, it has Riot Star to deal heavy damage to anyone within a large area. Lastly it can use Riot Press that deals high damage to 1 target. Can also cast La Teara, healing 3000 HP for all enemies in range

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Same except for the fact he has that Dragoon mech that uses AA canceler, Area(Large) and Hyper Arm shot, Area(All).

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