Levels (レベル Reberu) is a key parameter of every Character Status in the Legend of Heroes series and all other RPG games. In every RPG, character levels are key elements to make the character more capable. The more experience points earned per battle, the higher a character's level is increased.


  • Every game has a default start and maximum level level
FC SC the 3rd Zero Ao CS CS2
Maximum 49 99 149
  • HP, EP, and the parameters (STR, DEF, ATS, ADF, SPD and AGL) are increased


  • Party Advantages will double the experience (CAUTION: Your party shouldn't equip any quartz that gives away your location)
  • Going after the Shining Poms will do the job quickly, plus the following point above
  • Following game during Zero no Kiseki, getting a high Tactical Bonus rate will mutliply the quantity higher than the regular advantages.
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