Physical Information
Age N/A
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color
Hair Color Brown
Weapon None
Occupation None
Religion Church of Bardus
Game Appearances The Legend of Heroes IV: A Tear of Vermillion

Lita is a character in The Legend of Heroes IV: A Tear of Vermillion. She lives in a dock-like town called Quitt with her elder sister, Cerine.


Lita is the opposite of shy. She is a very playful, outgoing little girl. She does not hesistate to ask others to play with her, and she often asks Oscar to play with her. She might even resort to more daring methods to get people to play with her, such as crying when Jimmy refuses to play with her.


Lita is first seen through the visions on Truth Island. She is later encountered at Quitt on the dock portion of the town. She asks Avin, Rutice, and Douglas if they are here to fight off the monster, and then asks them to play with her. While Avin was looking for the Guardian of Scotia, they meet with Lucias and Jimmy. She notices Jimmy and convinces him to play with her by crying.

After several events, it turns out that she was the Guardian of Scotia. By the time Avin and company finds out, the Octum Apostles had already taken her captive and used her to get into the Shrine of Scotia. They chase after them until they reached the end of the shrine, where they confront Borgeid. Borgeid controls Scotia's mind and make the spirit attack Avin. Borgeid teleports out of the shrine and leaves Lita towards the edge of the shrine room. When Scotia is defeated and restored to her former state, Lita requests to see Jimmy again because he tried to defend her from Borgeid.

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