LoH IV "A Tear of Vermilion" Original Soundtrack
A tear of vermillion ost cover
Cover Information
Catalog # NW10102380
Release Date February 10, 2001
Price 2,980 Yen
Classification Original Soundtrack, Arrangement
Published by Falcom
Media Format 2 CDs
Composed by Falcom Sound Team JDK
Arranged by Falcom Sound Team JDK
Performed by
Lyrics by
Total Length 72:55mins (Disc 1)
69:11 mins (Disc 2)

THE LEGEND OF HEROES IV "A Tear of Vermilion" Original Soundtrack (英雄伝説IV "朱紅い雫" オリジナルサウンドトラック Eiyuu Densetsu IV "Akai Shizuku" Original Soundtrack) is the soundtrack album for the Windos remake of The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion. It was released on February 10, 2001


  1. A Tear of Vermilion -memoria-
  2. A Tear of Vermilion -Legend-
  3. Bonds -A Burning Passion in My Heart-
  4. Embraced by Warmth...
  5. The Heretics' Attack -The Shadow of the Evil God Octum-
  6. Days of Peace
  7. The Village Where They Arrived One Day
  8. Stepping Lightly
  9. The SHOW Must Go On
  10. The Road Towards Hope
  11. We Mustn't Be Defeated!
  12. The Royal Capital Phildin
  13. Phildin Castle
  14. Even Happier Companions
  15. Run, Avin!!
  16. Frightened People
  17. The Road We Must Face
  18. Those Who Haunt in the Darkness
  19. Dancing Maze
  20. The Syamseal Gang
  21. Energetic Shannon
  22. To the Forest
  23. A Tear of Vermilion -God's Chosen Daughter-
  24. A Bustling Street Corner
  25. Iron Manufacturing Town -Guia-
  26. Do Not Disturb!
  27. Tomorrow Shall Come
  28. At a Loss -Guia Blues-
  29. Rhythm of the Sea Breeze
  30. Riding the Ocean on the Wind
  31. A Tear of Vermilion -Darling Eimelle-
  32. A Tear of Vermilion -A Happy Time-
  33. Burn, Avin!!
  34. You Saved Me!
  35. A Tear of Vermilion -Wait, Eimelle-
  36. Easy Victory!
  37. Departure
  38. The Evil Priest Bellias -Raid- 2:10

  1. The Holy City
  2. The Shrine -Between Fate and Destiny-
  3. Bonds -Sadness Overcome-
  4. Blue -A Journey to Bring Her Home-
  5. A Hill to Die On
  6. In Search of the Truth
  7. My Name Is Bardus -Truth-
  8. The Shrine Where Bardus Sleeps
  9. Fight to the Death -Tainted Soul-
  10. In the Midst of Dark Clouds
  11. Ancient Legacy
  12. The Peat Bog
  13. Sacrifice of the Gods
  14. The Heretic's Attack -Borgeid-
  15. Bonds -Frozen Over-
  16. My Name Is Bardus -The Divine Sword-
  17. My Name Is Bardus -The Gathering-
  18. Inevitable Battle
  19. The Sealed Land
  20. The Labyrinth of Space and Time
  21. The Dark Priest Bellias -Faith-
  22. For My Faith!
  23. Octum's Desire
  24. A Passion So Strong -Atonement-
  25. A Passion So Strong -Hades-
  26. Rutice's Heart
  27. Bonds -Each to His Place-
  28. A Tear of Vermilion -End Credits-


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