A copy of the Great One that appeared as a result of the chaos in Heimdallr. Administers the Shadow Trial.
In-game description of Loa Lucifer

Loa Luciferia is the final antagonist in the epilogue fought in the depths of the Reverie Corridor.



Loa Luciferia appears as a brilliant figure made of "white shadow". It explains to Class VII about the trial they had previously completed in the Old School House and how it was sealed away within the darkness. Loa Luciferia then emerges from the floor as an enormous figure similar in shape to Loa Erebonius continuing to explain how it was prematurely awakened due to the disturbances caused by the awakening of Vermillion Apocalypse and the ruination of the Infernal Castle. Explaining there will be no reward for its defeat, Class VII decides to battle the being and ultimately, defeats it.


Loa uses many of the the same attacks as Loa Erebonius, the only exception is his powerful attack which reduces all fighters HP to 1. As with Erebonius, he also summons allies, appearing as smaller versions of it itself known as Sacred Fragments, to fight alongside him which heals him when his HP drops below half.

Best to come into the battle with your characters having 200CP + Zemurian Ore weapons or weapons that's close to the Ultimate weapons. Plus Machias and Jusis help the battle greatly

Recommended for the battle (especially on Hard & Nightmare)

  • Zemurian Ore weapons (weapons that you've procured by obtaining the 4 Zemurian Ores or have given Vice Principle Heinrich all 14 Gambler Jack II Volumes, in exchange for a Zemurian Ore)
  • Lost Art: Grail Burst (if possible, that you outfit everybody with the Quartz as it gives Rean's team more chances to attack)
  • HP 1 & 2
  • Defense 3
  • Attack 3
  • Impede 2
  • Lv 140+
  • Jusis (Noble Command + Phantom Shield)
  • Machias


  • Luciferia derives from the name "Lucifer" possibly meaning "Shining One or Light Bearer" and possibly also a reference to the Devil.
  • He appears white as compared to Erebonius which has a jet-black coating.
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