CS2 Lost Arts

The Lost Elements: Sun and Moon (top), Star, Dragon and Holy (bottom)

Otherwise known as Lost Magic, the Lost Arts (ロストアーツ Losuto Aatsu) are another rarity of Orbal Arts introduced in Cold Steel II of the Trails Universe.


Ancient lost magic since the Zemurian Dark Ages, the Lost Arts are extremely rare magic that was erased from the world's history due to their immense power. While much has yet to be confirmed since its reappearance to the current storyline, its displayed that each magic along with its containment quartz represents an exterior element which is a combination of 3 of the existing 7 elements in the Trails Universe. As such for their massive power, they are used in the following conditions:

  • The equipped character must have maximum EP
  • Only used once per battle
  • Once cast, the user's EP is completely depleted
Image Known Information
Cold Steel Lost Arts - The Moon
Cold Steel Lost Arts - The Star
Cold Steel Lost Arts - The Holy
Cold Steel Lost Arts - The Sun
Cold Steel Lost Arts - The Dragon


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