Lost Heaven
Lost Heaven (ロストヘブン Rosuto Hebun) is a mysterious world visible within the Star Fragments in Nayuta no Kiseki. A beautiful world when one looks deep into the Fragments, it remains unknown if the world coexists in the same world as Remnant Island, or and entirely different dimension. Prior to the beginning of the story, it was eventually revealed to be another world called Terra (テラ Terra).


Lost Heaven is comprised of four continents, with the Star Garden in its center.

  • Oltapia: The Forest Continent and managed by Lychnis Gio. An island of beautiful forests with many animals and vegetation.
  • Rizweld: The Abyss Continent and managed by Song Priestess Elislette. An area of underground caverns containing bio luminescent plants with water and devices controlled by waterwheels.
  • Heinmel: The Continent of Sacred Mountains managed by Guardian King Algol. A mountain range with steep cliffs, severe fog and blizzards.
  • La Worg: The Continent of Origins and managed by Sage Nemeas. A continent covered by lava flows, it is said to be a wasteland where the memories of origins can be recalled.


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