Lost Kitten
Kanji 子猫の捜索
Rōmaji Koneko no sōsaku
Quest Type Optional
Quest Description
I'm looking for my lost kitten. Please meet me on the cafe terrace.

Difficulty Low
Client Ida
Points Earned 2
Reward(s) 500 Mira
Acquisition After completing the Mayor Klaus' Request story quest.
Expires Speak with Nial at the Abend Bar during The Liberl Media story quest.
Main Location City of Rolent
Timeframe Short
Main Game + Chapter
Trails in the Sky, Prologue Chapter

Lost Kitten is an optional quest available during the prologue of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.

Notebook Guide

Speak with Ida outside Abend Bar.

  1. Walk south around the Rolent Clocktower to spot the kitten.
  2. Head south towards Rinon General Goods (the main pathway) for another scene.
  3. Follow the alley between the Rolent Bracer Guild and the Rolent Chapel north for the third scene.
  4. Head into the Rolent Chapel and up the stairs to catch the kitten.

Notebook Entry

  • It seems her cat disappeared during an afternoon nap. Let's have a look around outside first.
  • Saw a cat near the clock tower!
  • Saw it again 'by' the general store...but it got away.
  • Saw it again by the clock tower. Seems to have gone in the chapel.
  • The cat's been cornered!
  • We finally caught the cat on the 2nd floor of the chapel.
  • We successfully returned the cat to Ida.
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