The Legend of Heroes: Sora no Kiseki SC

Chapter 4: The Fog Demon's Intention

As part of the Gospel Project, Lucciola was sent to activate a device called The Gospel that engulfed Rolent in a strange mist that caused the people there to fall into a sleep and dream of past memories. Lucciola rings her bell several times, giving hints to Scherazard on her identitiy. Once the experiment is done, she takes the Gospel device with her and sends fog monsters after the party, mentioning to Schera that they will meet again.

Chapter 7: The Four Ring Towers

Lucciola guards the Sapphirl Tower until the appearance of the Liberl Ark. The group faces her at full power but having fulfilled her task, she leaves.

Final Chapter: Sora no Kiseki

The group fights against Lucciola once more at the Central Pillar of the Liberl Ark and defeats her. If Scherazard is in the group, a special event will occur. After having lost, Lucciona jumps but her arm is restrained by Schera's whip, with Schera refusing that she lose her childhood friend. After apologizing for what she has done, she cuts the whip with her fan and falls from the Ark.

The Legend of Heroes: Sora no Kiseki The 3rd

During the Sixth Chapter, The Test of the Defenders, a shadow copy of Lucciola guards the gate leading to the Farewell Arena. She fights the goup along with a shadowy version of Walter and Bleublanc.

The Legend of Heroes: Ao no Kiseki

In Crossbell City, Lloyd's group meets a fortuneteller which appears to be Lucciola. In Ao no Kiseki, it seems that Campanella found Lucciola but mentions that she will not interfere with Ouroboros' plan.

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