Lucir Orbal Factory is the main and only orbal factory in the City of Bose, and it houses most of the same quartzes from the Melders Orbal Factory in the City of Rolent with some extra additions to its stock. There is a small subplot involving a hostile takeover with the original owner by his partner.


Throughout the players adventures in Bose in Chapter 1, there was a hostile takeover between the original owner, Cornelius, and his supposed business partner, Nigel. Nigel used the loans that he made Cornelius used to take over his store and kick out Cornelius.

The factory is visited after the robberies in the southern block of the City of Bose occurred overnight when the bracers were stuck in jail due to a misunderstanding with the Royal Army confusing them to be the Sky Bandits who hijacked the air-liner, The Linde. The factory was robbed of its prized possessions too which caused the owner, Nigel, to be concerned. When the bracers visited the factory as they couldn't investigate the homes due to the Royal Army blocking them off from investigating, they went to the factory instead. There they met Nial and Dorothy doing their own investigating for the Liberl News.

After the whole investigation with the Capua Sky Bandits finished, Nigel was soon arrested for his actions, but the Royal Army doesn't have enough sufficient evidence to bring Nigel into jail. If the player has found a "Black Book" in an orbal vacuum at the Sky Bandit Stronghold, then they could present it to the guardsmen in the Haken Gate jail. This would prove that Nigel is guilty and be sent to Leiston fortress as the black book is actually his ledger of all the loans. Whether the player proves Nigel guilty or not, Cornelius still gets his store back.


The store is located in the southern block of the City of Bose right next to the northern block on the central eastern side of the city. There are 2 floors inside the building with an entrance on the first floor and another entrance on the second floor. There are many unique orbal inventions on the second floor while the first floor contains the clerk who sells all the quartzes for the player's battle orbment.

NPC List

  • Nigel - the temporary owner after doing a hostile takeover of Cornelius's factory.
  • Carrie - a hard worker of making many inventions without a care for which boss she's working for.
  • Cornelius - the original owner who lost his factory until Nigel got arrested.
  • Marco - an Erebonian merchant who came to make a "deal" with Nigel but came when Nigel was arrested.


The store is nearly similar to Melders Orbal Factory with a couple new quartzes added to the mix.

Quartz Effect Price
Defense 1 DEF+5% 20 Earth Sepith
HP 1 HP+5% 20 Water Sepith
Mind 1 ATS+5% 30 Water Sepith
Attack 1 ATK+5%, DEF-5% 20 Fire Sepith
Evade 1 AGL+1 20 Wind Sepith
Impede 1 20% chance end enemy arts 30 Wind Sepith
Impede 2 50% chance end enemy arts 300 Wind Sepith
Action 1 SPD+10% 20 Time Sepith
Blind 10% chance to blind foe 50 Time Sepith
Cast 1 Cast time slightly shorter 20 Time Sepith
Move 1 MOV+1 100 Space Sepith
EP Cut 1 Arts' EP cost -10% 10 Time, 20 Space, 10 Mirage Sepith
EP 1 EP+10% 10 Time, 10 Space, 30 Mirage Sepith
Hit 1 DEX+5 30 Mirage Sepith
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