Lusitania concept
Lusitania display

The display in Reinford Group's HQ

The Lusitania (ルシタニア号 Rushitania Gou) is a luxury airship manufactured by the Reinford Group and introduced in the The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd.


Its overall length is 120 arge, four times the size of a Liberlian airship. Its cruising speed is approximately 700CE/h (while regular airships can travel 900CE/h). It is able to hold a thousand passengers[1]. Accommodations include the large party hall, observation deck, casino room, multiple guest rooms, library, and so on. The party hall is used for the aristocrats' personal luxury such as holding masquerade parties and other events.



  • Aboard the Lusitania, a portrait of the Gagharv can be seen. This has led to some speculation that the Gagharv trilogy and the Trails series take place in the same world.
  • In Trails of Cold Steel there is an object display of the airship in the Reinford Group's lobby in Roer.


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