Lyra Barton
Laila barton
Kanji ライラ・バートン
Rōmanji Raira Baaton
Physical Information
Age 15
Gender Female
Eye Color
Hair Color
Occupation Owner of Moonlight Tavern
Game Appearances
Voice Actor Ryo Hirohashi

Lyra Barton is a character that appears in Nayuta no Kiseki and one of Nayuta Herschel's childhood friends.

Character and Appearance

Lyra appears as a fifteen year old girl with short, auburn hair tied with a hairpin. She wears her school uniform and a yellow robe.

Lyra has an unrequited crush on Nayuta, but is too afraid to confess her feelings. She's also has bad temper and is easily jealous whenever knowing there's another girl who has close relationship with Nayuta. As time goes on, she learns to calm down and is not afraid to do things by herself.


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Lyra lives on Remnant Island and is a childhood friend of both Nayuta and Signa. They spent their childhood with happiness.

After Nayuta and Signa arrive from their four-months-long journey, Lyra is seen confused about how she will greet Nayuta in front of his house. Nayuta, who comes from her behind, asked why is she confused. Lyra just blushes and spontaneously greets Nayuta and calls him "Nayu-tan". Nayuta replies her normally, which resulted in her dismay. But before Lyra can speak further, a meteor crashes on the northern coast.



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