Magic Knight - Direwolf


Appearance: A dark grey-blue suit of armor with light-blue linings. Figure is medium muscular by the legs, & bulk gauntlet hands, helmet is style with a knightly headgear & face-cover with four orange-eyes with one above the other. The magic orb joints are bright yellow-orange colar. While it does not wield anything on hand, it’s gauntlets hold a silver staff-size with a diamond plate at the wrist, acting like knuckle-bashers.


GAMEPLAY: It mostly attacks using it’s large fist to pound the ground & cause damage to any target(s) in the path.

Battle Scope: A Magic Knight with distinct swollen arms. Fights without a weapon, causing shockwaves by hitting the ground.



-Uppercut: Charges an emerald swirl around the left grip fist, then bashes it up against a target in a bright explosive flare manner. Noted Fact: Can cause up to almost 7000 to 9000, to even 13000 damage points.

-Buff Up: Crosses two arms from the chest, a bright orange light happens that flashes over the knight when reflexing. Effect: STR Up, DEF Up, SPD Up, Recovery Of HP.

-Knock Down: Grips the two fist over it’s head, then bashes the ground making a seismic quake to cause damage. Noted Fact: Almost reaches 5000 damage points.

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