Magic Knight - Heavy Ruby


Appearance: A light grey suit of armor with magenta linings. Figure is more wide weight by the legs & arms, a big belly-like muscle type, & helmet is more small rounded with a knightly headgear of a bat-theme helmet style with crescent blades from the front & backhead, & face-cover with four emerald eyes with one above the other. The magic orb joints are emerald turquoise color. Wielding in the right hand is a battle-axe matching the armor of a grim night bat foe. The orb in the stomach area is much bigger & covered up more then most other Magic Knights.


GAMEPLAY: Said to be stronger then Ortheim & Direwolf, it fights in using it’s heavy weight power to swing it’s battle axe down on targets to deal a big blow of damage.

Battle Scope: A heavy Magic Knight that swings a giant battleaxe with ease using limitless energy from its core.



-Heavy Throw: Lifts up it’s axe, & throws it to spin across the target in dealing damage before spinning back into it’s hand. Noted Fact: Can cause 15000 damage points.

-Muscle Gain: Crosses the arms by it’s chest, a bright glow shows around the belly, then a bright flash flare happens when it flexes. Effect: STR & Recovery Of HP.

-Shattering Axe: Swings it’s axe down hard on a target, causing a big percent of damage. Effect: STR Down, DEF Down, SPD Down. Noted Fact: Can cause 10000 to 15000 damage points.

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