Magic Knight – Isra-Zeriel


Appearance: A light gray-blue suit of armor with violet linings plus light blue marks. Figure is more thin by the legs & arms, the helmet is nose-cone shape. It has a striking resemblance to Ortheim, having four arms & wielding four sabers, but it’s appearance is more a medieval dark knight & with devil horns off the helmet side. The magic orb joints are magenta color. Wielding in all four hands are sabers of the same style as the armor of a dark knight.


GAMEPLAY: Said to be far stronger then the Magic Knights Ortheim, Direwolf, even Heavy Ruby. It battles in using it’s four swords to slash across it’s targets. Noted Fact: It’s shown that much of the techniques used relate to Ortheim when having four arms.

Battle Scope: A four-armed black Magic Knight. Summons lightning, and cuts foes apart with powerful charged slashes.



-Summon Power: Crossing it’s arms to the chest, a bright orange light comes from the stomach before it flashes out when it flexes it’s arms out. Effect: STR Up, DEF Up, Recovery Of HP

-Roaring Thunder: Clashes his sabers edges above the head, causing pink-violet lightning to rain down in striking everyone. Effect: Paralyze.

-Abyss Sabers: Crossing two arms on each side & two arms above the neck area, before delivering a four-way slash wave attack on the target in dealing heavy damage. Noted Fact: It’s damage is only slightly minimum to a Divine Knight, but it’s near 12000 to 15000 damage to anyone else. EFFECT: Critical.

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