The Magic Mirror (魔法の鏡 Mahou no Kagami) is a spherical mirror that is used by Jurio and Chris during their pilgrimage in The Legend of Heroes II: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch. Found throughout the Shrines in Tirasweel, The five shrines and the magic mirrors were built by the decendants of the water tribe that came through the warp from Another World via the Witches Island located somewhere in the Witch's Inland Sea. They came through the rift under the pretences of "Pilgrimage" but in actuality it was to try to understand where their magical powers came from, by returning to the land where their ancestors the Blue Tribe originally came from. People reffered to these otherwordly vistors as witches and they used the shrines to try to understand how they got their magical powers and to foretell prophecys and teach magic to the people that visted them. They stopped coming through the rift around 743 AG when the capital of Another World, Riconne became contaiminated by the Otherworldly Moon, forceing the citizens and Queen Marveel to relocate to Esfin. In the process this caused the people to loose the technology necessary to be able to go back and forth between the rift. And no one has seen a Witch since then, until Gueld visited the shrines. Only witches and children are able to see the magic mirror.


Arriving at Deane Shrine, Jurio uses the Silver Dagger in the Magic Mirror room and receives a vision. From it, he learns the spell to summon the water spirit Neraidea. Jurio questions the ominous vortex he observed during the vision and asks the sage of Deane about it. The sage believes it might only represent their fear of the pilgrimage. Jurio and Chris continue their journey from Deane Shrine.

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