Malga Mine is a sepith mine in Rolent of Liberl Kingdom in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. It is where most of the miner NPCs are, and it is the center of all the sepith and septium crystals mined for Rolent's mining industry.


Trails in the Sky

Prologue - After Estelle and Joshua finish their mission at Perzel Farm they are quickly assigned to fetch a Septium Crystal for the mayor. When they reach the mine, Miner Landan was keeping lookout for monsters and he let them into the mine. When they found out that the elevator to the bottom level was locked by a key, another miner on the top level gave them the key. They soon talked to Mine Chief Gaton who gave them the esmelas septium crystal for the mayor, but a monster infestation soon broke through to the whole bottom level of the mine. The bracers soon went through the whole bottom level to rescue everyone. When their job was over, only one miner ran away from it all as he was the one who started the whole mess. Estelle still had the septium crystal safe and sound and both bracers left for the Mayor's Residence.


The mine is located north of the City of Rolent going along the eastern side of Malga Trail. It has an upper level and a bottom level for many miners mostly going to the bottom level. A lot of esmelas septium can be found here so that distinctly makes this location the center of Rolent's mining industry. There are also mine carts to ride on in the area along with an elevator to switch between the top and bottom level.



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