The Malga Trail is a road that is in Rolent and it is north of the City of Rolent and it leads to two destinations, Esmelas Tower and the Malga Mine.


The road is first travelled after Estelle and Joshua just finished their 1st mission and attained the rank of Junior Bracer. After the local boys, Pat and Luke, stumbled their way into the Esmelas Tower in danger. Aina sent Estelle and Joshua on an emergency mission to quickly get the boys out of harm ways due to the monsters around the area. Later the road is used on the mission where Estelle and Joshua go escort reporters, Nial and Dorothy, back to the Esmelas Tower for their newspaper "The Liberl Times". Even later the road is crossed when the two young bracers are going to the Malga Mine to extract a rare septium ore from the miners to the mayor.

Treasure Chests/Quotes

  • Reviving Balm - "Not a thing remains in the chest except a lonely dead spider."
  • Tear Balm - "The chest is empty. I wonder whose fault that is. . .?
  • White Bracelet - "This chest is now full of disappointment. . ."


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