Kanji マーティ
Rōmaji Maatii
Physical Information
Age 24
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color
Hair Color
Weapon Sword/Black Magic
Occupation Adventurer/Minister
Religion N/A
Game Appearances The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion

Martie (マーティ Maatii) is a party member who appears in The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion.


He is a young part-time adventurer who is training for the Minister's Examination, or Qualification Examination for Upper-Class Civil Servants, to become a minister for the Royal Family. He uses the bounties he earns adventuring to pay for his tuition.


Avin and Mile first meet Martie on the Sheep Highway, the road connecting Ourt Village and Phildin. Avin and Mile wanted to leave Ourt Village, but Elder Roan would not let them leave until the monster called "Hamakages", a huge claw creature that is wanted by the Guild in the Capital, is captured or slain. While sneaking out to slay the monster, they discover Martie already engaging in combat with it. Avin and Mile assist him in the battle. They defeat the monster together. After they explain their situation to him, Martie shows them how to bring proof to the elder by cutting off one of its claw and giving it them, resulting in them being able to leave the village.


His fighting ability is focused towards Spellcasting, but he also knows how to fight with a sword.  He is also able to raise the morale of his comrades through his experience as an adventurer, making them more efficient in battle.


  • He is the first character that joins Avin and Mile on their quest.
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