The Sept-Terrion

The elements in horizontal order (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind) on top. The higher elements below (Space, Time, Mirage)

The Master Arts (マスターアーツ Masutaa Aatsu) are the highest level of Orbal Arts exclusive only in The Legend of Heroes: Ao no Kiseki. Once activated, a magical circle surrounds the entire field supporting full advantage to the entire party. Beware that EP is a key factor of caution, because each Master Art consumes a large amount of EP to activate and more sustain the effect.

List of Arts

Name Element Effects
Activation Continuity
Rune of Bulwark Earth Physical Immunity (x1)
Rune of Affection Water Recover 50%HP
Rune of Victory Fire CP +50
Rune of Storm Wind Arts Reflect (x1)
Rune of Moment Time Action Time = 0
Rune of Roars Space Full Immunity (x1)
Rune of Illusion Mirage Stealth (x1)
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