The Mayor's Residence is the home of Mayor Klaus, mayor of the City of Rolent.


Trails in the Sky

(Prologue) - Mayor Klaus initially called Cassius Bright for the mission to get him the esmelas sepith from the Malga Mines, but Cassius was out of town at that point. To take his place were his children, Estelle and Joshua. Klaus ordered them to get the sepith safe and sound.

When the two bracers returned with the sepith safe and sound, Klaus was talking to Josette disguised as a school girl about culture. When he got the sepith, he put it into the safe and he says that the sepith was made for Queen Alicia II 's 60th birthday festival. Unknown to him, special powder to show fingerprints was placed on the safe by Josette so she could know the safe's combination for later.

After the escort mission of Nial Burns and Dorothy Hyatt was completed, Mayor Klaus's house was robbed by unknown bandits. During the robbery, the mayor's wife and Lita were locked in the attic. The assailants made it into the house through climbing onto the balcony of the second floor and they only messed up the mayor's room. The sepith was stolen and some preserved food were taken. When Joshua, Estelle, and Schera came to investigate, they deduced that Josette was involved in the robbery and went after her. After the team came back with the sepith, the mayor was joyed and looked after it more carefully this time.


The residence is located east of the City of Rolent in the Rolent region. The house itself is two stories long with a balcony outside and an attic above the 2nd floor. There are 3 rooms on the 2nd floor: the mayor's quarters, his wife's bedroom, and Lita's bedroom. The 1st floor consists of a living room and a kitchen for Lita to cook up meals. Outside the house is a nicely done garden made and tended to by Mayor Klaus himself as gardening is his hobby. should she work with Lita.

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