Mayor Klaus' Request
Kanji クラウス市長の依頼
Rōmaji Kurausu Shichou no Irai
Quest Type Story
Quest Description
This request comes from the mayor himself. Please speak with him for further details.
Difficulty Easy
Client Rolent Bracer Guild
Points Earned 4
Reward(s) 1500 Mira
Acquisition Given by Aina after completing the Perzel Farm Monsters quest.
Expires None
Main Location Malga Mine
Timeframe Long
Main Game + Chapter
Trails in the Sky, Prologue Chapter

Mayor Klaus' Request is a mandatory story quest for the prologue of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.

Notebook Guide

Speak with Mayor Klaus in the Mayor's Residence for the Mayor's Referral, then travel to the Malga Mine to speak with Miner Landan at the entrance. Follow the inside path west and pull the lever, then ride the mining cart and inspect the elevator. Return to the lever and switch switch tracks, then ride the mining cart again to speak with Miner Miles for an Elevator Key. Return to the elevator, use the key and descend down the mine, then follow the path south to speak with Mine Chief Gaton for the Septium Crystal. Find and rescue the 5 miners, they can be found:

Use the elevator to ascend for a scene, then return to Mayor Klaus in the Mayor's Residence to complete the quest. Turn in at the Rolent Bracer Guild.


Notebook Entry

  • We need to speak with the mayor directly for details.
  • The job's details are as follows: Retrieve a Septium Crystal from the Malga Mine's chief, and bring it to the mayor's house.
  • The Malga Mine's north of Rolent.
  • The mine chief should be somewhere in the mine.
  • We found an elevator, but it seems to have been locked. We should ask around about it.
  • We borrowed an Elevator Key.
  • We got the item, but there was a cave-in -- and now, monsters!
  • We have to rescue the miners!
  • Amazingly, we rescued everyone!
  • We delivered the Septium Crystal.
  • Let's report back to the guild.
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