Mayoral Theft
Kanji 市長邸の強盗事件
Rōmaji Shichō-tei no Gōtō Jiken
Quest Type Story
Quest Description
Part 1: It seems as though there was a burglary at Mayor Klaus' residence. Luckily, no harm came to the mayor or his family, but the bracers have been asked to carry out a swift investigation.

Part 2: Josette has arisen as a suspect, based on our findings. We need to find her and grill her, before she skips town!

Difficulty Easy
Client Rolent Bracer Guild
Points Earned 6 (+5)
Reward(s) 3000 Mira
Acquisition Given by Aina after completing the The Liberl Media quest
Expires N/A
Main Location Mistwald Forest, 3rd Area Map
Timeframe Long
Main Game + Chapter
Trails in the Sky, Prologue Chapter

Mayoral Theft is a mandatory story quest for the prologue of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. It is a 2-part quest continuing onto Mayoral Theft 2.

  • WARNING!!! Before commencing this quest, get all the items at the bandit's campsite first.

Notebook Guide

Examine the contents and rooms inside the Mayor's Residence to gather evidence, the important places to examine are:

  • The front door.
  • The safe in the mayor's office.
  • The railings on the balcony.
  • The attic (picking up Servais Leaf).

Speak with Lita and the Mayor's Wife, then speak to Scherazard.

  • BONUS GUIDE: When presenting the evidence to Schera, choose the following choices where the BP are determined by evidence value and each correct answer worth 3 points (0-7 = 2BP, 8-11 = 3BP, 12 = 4BP):
    • The Septium in the Safe
    • There were group of 3 or 4
    • From the terrace on the 2nd floor
    • A traveler who visited recently

Speak with Verne in the Hotel Rolent, then speak with Alan in Rolent Landing Port. Travel to Mistwald Forest's 3rd map to find Josette, and win the battle to complete the quest.

  • BONUS GUIDE: When the party finds Josette in Mistwald Forest, choose the following choice:
    • (+1BP) "F-fine! But I'm not happy about this!"

Boss Battles

Notebook Entry

Part 1

  • The mayor's house was broken into! We need to check it out!
  • Began an on-site investigation. Let's search the place top to bottom, and question everyone!
  • The culprit seems to have used a white powder to crack the safe.
  • ...which suggests the culprit was a recent visitor.
  • There were at least 3 or 4 culprits, and one was short.
  • Residents claim the front door was locked, but let's confirm.
  • The front door wasn't tampered with. They got in another way.
  • We discovered fresh marking on the balcony railing.
  • We also found a peculiar leaf in the attic. Possibly a clue!
  • Based on the evidence, it was...

Part 2

  • Josette is a burglary suspect...
  • We need to hurry to the hotel and catch her before she departs.
  • Josette had checked out the hotel just before we arrived.
  • Let's hurry to the landing port!
  • It seems she didn't go to the landing port, after all...
  • Clued in by the Servais Leaf found in the mayor's residence, we decided to head to Mistwald.
  • Mistwald lies far to the south along the Elize Highway.
  • We found Josette and the Sky Bandits deep within the forest!
  • We recovered the stolen crystal, but the bandits got away...
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