Kanji マクベイン
Rōmaji Makubeinn
Physical Information
Age 62
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color
Hair Color Grey
Weapon Bare Fists
Relatives Forte (grandson)
Occupation Musician
Game Appearances The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean

McBain (マクベイン Makubeinn) is the grandfather of Forte in The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean. A 62 year old master harp magician who made many accomplishments, he is inspired to travel the world once again after receiving the "Water Melody" from Shao. He goes on this journey with Forte, Una, Jan, and Rick in order to gather the Resonances Stone, which will enable them to perform the "Lost Melody".


McBain is known for his musical talent, especially with the Hand Harp. About 10 years ago, he traveled the world as a troubadour alongside Shao.

He follows a strong belief that professional performers should never perform in public. As such, one of his favorite places to practice music is in the Lighthouse southeast of Racos Palma.


McBain prefers to use his own hands for combat. He is able to use Rock Crash as a Magic Spell.


  • He seems to be fond of Casinos. This was made evident at Ryutom Island where the Tour Guide, Elise, mentioned it.
  • Fishing is one of his daily hobbies, despite the fact that he is usually unable to catch any fish. McBain blames this fact on Forte's trumpet, while Forte claims that he is just bad at fishing.
  • His wife died 5 years ago. The reasons were not stated.
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