Sometimes known as the 'Holy Beasts of Spirit Forest', these cute animals live in the Spirit Forest north of New Borun. It is said they are holy beasts summoned by Durga in ancient times, and the peculiar aroma given of by these creatures has the power to quiet the atmosphere and calm people's emotions as well as purifying poisons and evil spirits.

The fragrance from their furs revitalizes plants.  This causes winds to blow due to raising the temperature throughout the entire woods.  The wind then travels all the way to New Borun along with the fragrance of the Meefas and all the benefits.  This is how New Borun is protected from the Swamp Poison.

At one time, their hides were prized as a symbol of nobility and were nearly hunted to extinction. As a result, Supreme Priest Esperius ordered a ban on hunting the meefas. They have since been protected under an edict from the royal family and the church.

Great Oracle Avarice lifted the ban and pressured the hunters of New Borun to hunt for the Meefas, causing the Meefas to hide from humans and causing problems for New Borun.  Once it was discovered he was using the furs to bribe nobility, the ban was reinstate by Ms Ollesia.

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