Melder's Orbal Factory is the first orbal factory that the player encounters in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.

Here the player receives a tutorial on how to use their orbments and how the factory also functions as a shop.


During the prologue, Scherazard Harvey brings Estelle and Joshua to the factory. The factory's operator, Melders, and his son, Freddy, teach the two adolescents many things related to the use of a battle Orbment.

Later in the chapter, Mayor Klaus' Septium Crystal is brought to the factory so that it can be refined into a higher quality crystal meant as a gift for Queen Alicia II's birthday festival.


The shop is set in the City of Rolent in the Rolent region of Liberl Kingdom. It is located on the central western side of town, with a front and back door as the only entrances.


Quartz List

Quartz Effect Price
Defense 1 DEF+5% 20 Earth Sepith
HP 1 HP+5% 20 Water Sepith
Attack 1 ATK+5%, DEF-5% 20 Fire Sepith
Evade 1 AGL+1 20 Wind Sepith
Impede 1 30% chance to end cast time 30 Wind Sepith
Action 1 SPD+10% 20 Time Sepith
Blind 10% chance to blind foe 50 Time Sepith
Cast 1 cast time slightly shorter 20 Time Sepith
EP Cut 1 arts' EP cost -10% 10 Time, 20 Space, 10 Mirage Sepith
EP 1 EP+10% 10 Time, 10 Space, 30 Mirage Sepith
Hit 1 DEX+5 30 Mirage Sepith
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