"Thank you for being my big brother."
Mischa's quote in Agate's past

Mischa Crosner
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Rōmaji Miisha Kurosunaa
True Name Mischa Crosner
Age 10-12
Date of Birth
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Red
Birthplace Ravennue Village, Liberl Kingdom
Death Hundred Days War
Relatives Agate Crosner (older brother)
Piloted Units
Main Game
Trails in the Sky + EVO
Trails in the Sky SC + EVO
Other Media
Voice Actor(s)
Mischa Crosner is a minor, non-playable character from The Legend of Heroes: Trails in The Sky trilogy.

She is Agate Crosner's younger, deceased sister.



Mischa is a young girl ranged between 10 to 12 years old. She has short, ash red hair and hazel eyes much like her brother's. Mischa wears a white shirt decorated with frills and a long dark green skirt to tie together her outfit.


Mischa, said by Agate, resembles Tita Russell a great deal when it comes to personality. Like her and Tita both, she is a very cheerful, adorable and innocent child. She liked to create things like jewelry like how Tita likes to invent machines with her grandfather.


Mischa was killed in Hundred Days War. It was close to Agate's birthday and she was crafting something out of a rock to thank him for being her big brother. While the war started and the villagers of Ravennue where being evacuated, Mischa ran away from Agate's sight to retrieve his gift before it was too late. However, when Mischa held the stone in her hand and was about to depart, a bomb shell from the Erebonian military struck the Crosner residence. When General Morgan and Agate found her underneath the rubble, she was badly burned and her breathing already stopped. The only thing that was unharmed was the stone Mischa was crafting for Agate, for she guarded it until her last moments. The stone became Agate's weakness, strength, and nightmare, for it was the only thing to keep him going after losing his beloved little sister, Mischa.

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