Missing Airliner is an mandatory story quest for the first chapter of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.

Notebook Guide

Part 1

  • Head to Bose from Rolent using the Verte Bridge on Milch Main Road (NOTE: Once crossed through, you can't turn back)
  • Head to Mayor Maybelle's house to find that she's absent.
  • Follow the trail to the chapel where you find her maid, Lila, telling that she went to Bose Market.
  • Find her and you'll automatically be followed back into her house where she'll give a recommendation later for the General, located at Haken Gate.
  • Exit the town where you first entered , and keep heading till you reach the sign that says "East Bose Highway", and follow the path up to the destination.
  • Talk to the Guard in front of the in,, telling he's also absent. Head to the rest-stop and talk to the blonde guy 2 times (After you leave, go back to the rest-stop immediately and talk to Marco on table for the Carnelia - Chapter 3)
  • Watch the story event until the blonde guy known as Olivier joins the group temporarily till you return to Bose City.[1]
  • return to the Guild, talk to old man Lugran and head to the mayor's house.
  • Talk to Mayor Maybeel in her office on the 2nd Floor, and head to Kirsche's Bar to talk to Nials and Dorothy.

Part 2

  • Head to Ravennue Village and talk to the village elder, and go the small wharf southeast of the village to talk to the boy named Lewey.
  • According to his testimony, exit the village up north and follow the path to the Abandoned Mine.
  • You'll find that the old mine is locked, so return back to the village and ask the elder for the Abandoned Mine Key.
  • Scour the mines till you find the exit with the missing airliner, where you'll engage in a boss battle [2]
  • After the battle, investigate the empty airliner from the following points
    • 1F: Forklift
    • Generator Room: Control Panel
    • 2F: Captain's seat and Pilot's seat
    • 3F: A window from the Observation Roof, and the plant nearby the entrance
  • Continue checking all the floors till you exit the 3rd floor deck.
    • BONUS GUIDE: Estelle's response to her choice determines the following points
      • (+1) Sort the cargo
      • (+1) Move the hostages aboard their own aircraft
      • (+1) Steal the orbal engine
      • (+2) Keep clear of the Royal Army's search party
      • (+3) Ditch the Linde, because their hideout is somewhere weird
  • Exit the airliner to complete the quest, and watch the story event.

Boss Battle(s)

Notebook Entries

Part 1

  • Bose is west of Rolent, across Verte Bridge on Milch Main Road.
  • We got through but re-entry is not permitted...
  • The mayor's house is on the west side of town. Lets go!
  • The mayor has gone to the chapel
  • Ran into her maid. Seems the mayor left for the market.
  • The mayor's request is to look into and resolve the matter.
  • Got a letter to General Morgan.
  • He can be found at Haken Gate, located along East Bose Highway.
  • General Morgan is out. We'll await his return at the fort.
  • Met with the General! Seems the Capua family demanded a ransom.
  • Lets report back!
  • Reported our findings! But sadly, there are no further leads...
  • Could the reporter, Nial, have gotten a scoop? Let's find out!

Part 2

  • Ravennue Village is on the north end of the West Bose Highway.
  • We arrived in Ravennue Village. Let's speak with the elder first.
  • The witness is a boy named Lewey.
  • According to his statement, the flying object was headed north.
  • Let's head out the back, and scour the north trail for clues!
  • Found the entrance to an old abandoned mine, but it's locked.
  • Maybe the elder can get us in...
  • Borrowed Abandoned Mine Key!
  • Used the key, and got in!
  • Found the airliner!
  • We almost got the Sky Bandits, but they have us the slip again!
  • There was no sign of any passengers or cargo from the Linde.
  • Let's just head back to the guild and contact the Royal Army.
  • We were mistakenly taken into custody by the Royal Army...


  1. In the original PC version (except for Windows 7), all of Olivier's equipment/quartz can be manually removed for cash.
  2. The point of no return to complete the hidden Amberl Tower Mystery quest.
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