Mistwald Forest' (ミストヴァルト) or Mistwald for short is a forest located in the Rolent region of Liberl Kingdom in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. It is the main source of Rolent's timber industry where many NPCs make a living off of among other jobs. It also holds temporarily the Capua's hideout during the prologue of Trails in the Sky.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

The Mistwald Forest supplies Rolent heavily with its timber for trading among other regions. The huge amounts of trees help sustain this industry for a long time.

Prologue: A Father's Love, a New Beginning

While Scherazard, Estelle, and Joshua Bright were searching for the whereabouts of Josette for robbing the mayor's house, their search eventually leads them to Mistwald forest due to intel from the "Servais Leaf". While scrambling throughout the forest, they eventually find Josette and the other sky bandits: Lonnie, Lyall, and Dino hiding out there. They waited patiently enough to hear their conversation, it is discovered that Lyall was the miner that started the monster infestation. The party soon ambushes and defeat the sky bandits, and they reclaim the stolen Esmelas septium crystal from them too. Unfortunately, before the bracers fully capture the bandits, Kyle zooms in with his aircraft to save his crew and get away.

Trails in the Sky SC

The forest dungeon returns once again. This time, Estelle and her group are tasked on investigating the source behind the eerie mist.

Chapter 4: The Mist Demon's Target

Upon touching down in Rolent, Estelle and the team find that Rolent and the surrounding areas are encased in a large fog. Which is abnormal, as the only fog that seems to visit them are the ones that come from the lights that shine upon the town. Later on, Scherazard notices a faint bell ringing. The team are oblivious to the sound. Unfortunately, this leads to family members getting unconscious. So Estelle and team take it upon themselves to investigate the source. Which leads them back to the forest. At the end of the forest, they find Luciola who mysteriously appears. She summons fog beasts to take care of the heroes.


The forest is set in Liberl Kingdom in Rolent. More specifically, the forest is south of the City of Rolent going along the Elize Highway, but it is also north of the Gurune Gate as well. The forest is kept with much wildlife (monsters) with a whole list of poisonous enemies to watch out for.

Treasure Chests/Quotes

  • Tear Balm
  • 3 Bear Claws

Monster/ Formations

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