Ms. Rupthya
Ms. Rupthya
Kanji ルプシャ女史
Rōmaji Rupusha
Physical Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color
Hair Color Brown
Occupation Celebrity
Game Appearances The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean

Ms. Rupthya (ルプシャ女史 Rupusha Jyoushi) is a celebrity in in The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean.

A Lady that established a program against "The Swing Gang", which some people volunteered to join. The first batch that was sent to The Swing Gang's headquarters was defeated. The second batch was accompanied by Ms. Rupthya, managing to brought back the injured.

The McBain company was tasked to finish the job and Ms. Rupthya gave them jobs, instead of locking them in prison. She would later join the party in Ryutom Island. When the Banquet was attacked by Pirate Ramon's black dragon, some sailors resorted to act tough on her. Slade, who the later known as Thomas, protected Ms. Rupthya, enough to make her flattered and impressed. She even mentioned that Slade, or Thomas is a, "Brave and Sure-Footed person.."

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