Mushroom Hunt
Kanji キノコ狩り
Rōmaji Kinoko Kari
Quest Type Optional
Quest Description
I am looking for a rare mushroom that grows only where there are rich deposits of septium in the ground. Should be an easy, fun job! For details, please come seek me out. My name is Orvid, and I'll be waiting at the landing port.

P.S. Please come ASAP.
Difficulty Medium
Client Orvid Co. Ltd.
Points Earned 3
Reward(s) 700 Mira
Acquisition After completing the Perzel Farm Monsters story quest
Expires Speak with Nial at the Abend Bar during The Liberl Media story quest.
Main Location Malga Trail 3rd Map
Timeframe Long
Main Game + Chapter
Trails in the Sky, Prologue Chapter

Mushroom Hunt is an optional quest available during the prologue of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.

Notebook Guide

Speak with Orvid in the Rolent Landing Port, then travel to the Malga Trail 3rd Map and follow the east path north. Examine the Firefly Fungus in a patch of green grass along for a battle. Return and talk back to Orvid to complete the quest.


Notebook Entry

  • We will be searching for a Firefly Fungus. Apparently, these peculiar fungi can be found in grassy patches along the Malga Trail.
  • Found a Firefly Fungus!
  • Gave the Firefly Fungus to Orvid.
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