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Agneeja DS-iOS
Kanji アグニージャ
Rōmaji Aguniijya
Alias Agneeja (OVA)
Evil Spirit (悪神)
God of Destruction (破壊神)
The Red Dragon (赤き竜)
Physical Information
Age  ????
Race Dragon (appearance)
Eye Color
Hair Color
Weapon Fire Breath
Game Appearances Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes
Others Dragon Slayer: Warriors of the Guided Crown[1]
Seiyūu Breck White (OVA/Dub)
Banjou Gina (OVA)

Naja is the final boss that appears before Logan and company in Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes.


According to ancient Isrenasa legend, a God of Destruction who lived long since ancient times will descend when the world is threatened by the darkness of humanity. Although it was a guardian of the world to its true nature, humanity has now called it by its gigantic maleficent form they call a "dragon", as the destruction it brought despaired the ancient civilization to its knees. Despite its actions, the dragon felt great anguish and regret by what it has done. To prevent tragedy from repeat itself, Naja casted the Jewels of Doom to the vast corners of Isrenasa before hibernating into a long slumber.


2 billion years after its descent, it awoke in Logan's era and was greatly disappointed that humanity has not changed one bit during its sleep. Thus Naja decided to end mankind once and for all by reclaiming the Jewels of Doom, thus being the mastermind of the story events.

Naja finally confronts Logan and after the ultimate battle, Logan finally slays it with the Sword Blaze, the only weapon that can pierce through its indestructible skin. In its dying breath, Naja professes to Logan the true history of its past in satisfaction of understanding that humanity's bonds can be hope for the world.


Naja Illusion (アグニージャ (偽))
Naja sprite
HP 4000
MP 4000
Gold N/A
Strength 1200
Defense 800
Speed 170
Luck 42
Location(s) Doomkeep
Held Item(s) N/A
Naja (アグニージャ)
Naja sprite
HP 8000
MP 8000
Gold N/A
Strength 1200
Defense 800
Speed 150
Luck 42
Location(s) Doomkeep
Held Item(s) N/A
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