Nature's Bounty
Consumption Recovery, Revivification
Catering To-Go
Description A refreshing soda infused with extract of scented grasses
Ingredients Maple Sugar (x1)
Fresh Herb (x3)
Royal Leaf (x2)
Clear Gelatin (x2)
Effect Restores 500 HP, cures KO
Found Locations
Shops Phyllis' Kitchen
Saint Croix Forest
Lavantar Casino & Bar
Priam's Drink Stand
Exist in Games(s)
The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC + EVO

Nature's Bounty (大自然の恵み水 Dai Shizen no Megumimizu) is one of the recipes available in the Trails in the Sky SC.

Recipe Acquisition

Automatically recorded when buying the meal at Phyllis' Kitchen at Le Locle Canyon or can be found in Saint Croix Forest, the Lavantar Casino & Bar in the City of Ruan or Priam's Drink Stand in the City of Zeiss.

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