Nayuta Herschel
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Nayuta Herschel - Portrait
Kanji ナユタ・ハーシェル
Rōmanji Nayuta Hāsheru
Physical Information
Age 15 (Prologue)
16 (Epilogue)
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color
Hair Color Light Aqua
Weapon Sword
Relatives Unknown Parents (deceased)
Eartha Herschel (older sister)
Occupation Explorer
Game Appearances Nayuta no Kiseki
Voice Actor Kaori Mizuhashi

Nayuta Herschel is the lead protagonist of Nayuta no Kiseki. A fair, young man whose likes navigating through the stars and dreams of one day exploring into the great unknown.



A young man with blue hair wearing a cream-collared shirt. He wears a green cape over his tunic, tied with a red lace. He also wear a brown belt and armour circlet attachment around his waist. He is sometimes compared to Forte due to similar clothing and prodigy status.


He a very kind character, helpful and naturally comedic to those around him. His observance is sometimes his bad habit to the point of losing sight of his surroundings ad lack of sleep.

Character Profile

Nayuta Herschel was born on Remnant Island and attends school in the harbor town of Saint Elysees. His parents were exploring the end of the world, but died in the process. Five years ago at his parents' funeral, he met Signa Alhazan, who cheered him up and the two quickly became friends. The three, alongside Lyra Barton, spent their childhood with happiness while Nayuta and Signa even formed their own guild to help people in need.

Four months prior to the beginning of the game, Nayuta and Signa sailed away from home to travel the world and prove that the world is not flat. After returning to Remnant Island. After done, Nayuta goes to Signa's house in order to do Orbus' request and meet Signa. Signa is thinking about resuming the guild now that they're back. After some talk with Eartha, Signa opens up the letter box and goes back to his home. Then, Nayuta does the request from a fellow guard Dorado, who wants a lunch made by Eartha. But when Nayuta goes to his home, he only finds Orbus, who says that Signa is already going somewhere else. Then, Nayuta does the request and passes with flying colors.


  • His hobbies astronomical observation and navigation, and always carry a sextant throughout his journeys.
  • Both Nayuta and Eartha share the same surname with Towa from the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy.
    • Ironically, both Nayuta and Towa have Japanese name origins.
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