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Nayuta's Equipment tab on the Menu Screen

Nayuta Herschel control usage is the signature one-point perspective of this game, whereas no party members can accompany him other than Noi as a sub-member. Because of the equipment system, the player can customise Nayuta by changing equipment, weapons like the other "Kiseki" games.

His attributes are STR (Strength), DEF (Defense) and INT (Intelligence) that are determined by his strongest equipment.

  • Season Change (四季変化): After obtaining the Master Gears and restoring Astrolabe, Nayuta can eventually change the world's seasons from Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, thus not altering the appearance of the environment, enemies and stages. While also a criteria for clearing quests, events and story scenes may also change and reveal hidden events.

Skills and Techniques

  • Sword Skills (剣技): Nayuta's fighting method from trying with the Master Swordsman, Orbus Alhazan. From one-handed fencing to two-handed swinging, he learns new techniques from earning star stamps through stage events and presenting them to Orbus.
Image Name Description
Knowledge (心得) Allows Nayuta to expand his actions from the same criteria above.


Type Name Effect How to Obtain
One-Handed Sword Wooden Sword STR+10
Short Sword STR+20
Legion Knife STR+50
Crescent Sword STR+80
Crystal Edge STR+120
Durandall STR+150
Executor STR+190
Seventh Heaven STR+230, INT+30
Chrono Blade STR+280, DEF+40
Millenium Blade STR+300, INT+200
Two-Handed Sword Lumber Axe
Spike Mace
Rune Axe
Moon Rosso
Crimson Sword
Lost Dragon
Meteor Buster

Type Name Effect How to Obtain
Head/Arms Bandanna INT+2, DEF+2
Leather Glove INT+4, DEF+5
Bronze Helm INT+7, DEF+10
Beast Glove INT+10, DEF+15
Goggle Helmet INT+15, DEF+20
Youkai Mask INT+20, STR+20
Metal Claw INT+20, DEF+30
Altair Shield INT+25, DEF+40
Aedis Arm INT+30, DEF+50
Lord Helmet INT+40, DEF+60
Armor Skin Protector DEF+5
Chain Vest DEF+12
Bronze Plate DEF+30
Fang Necklace DEF+40
Light Armor DEF+60
Warrior's Clothing DEF+50, STR+50
Defender DEF+80
Vega Armor DEF+100
Valkyrie Guard DEF+120
Lord Armor DEF+140
Shoes Treck Boots DEF+4
Leather Guard DEF+10
Bronze Greave DEF+20
Beast Cloak DEF+30
Ranger Boots DEF+50
Warrior's Mail DEF+35, INT+10
Dark Walker DEF+70
Tenebrae Girth DEF+90
Saint Guarder DEF+110
Lord Greave DEF+130
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