There is a total of 48 unlockable achievements in Nayuta no Kiseki rewarded from the following conditions, while some require playing the game over again through New Game Plus.[1]


  • Those marked with "+" = require New Game Plus
Icon Name Points Unlock Conditions
Start of a Handyman
50 Begin the game.
Twin Crags
50 Defeat Duoqurois.
Lightning Caller
50 Defeat Palreschia.
Armor of Annihilation
50 Defeat Cravaltarf.
Scorching Beast
50 Defeat Sagiscellan.
Wheel of Judgment
50 Defeat Livadrigger.
Amber Wing
50 Defeat Raegivan.
Azure Ogre
50 Defeat Ishtaurus.
Jade Sword-King
50 Defeat Gradleon.
Crimson Demon-Emperor
50 Defeat Armadaries.
Starfall Knight
50 Defeat Selam El Ordin.
Guide of Legends
50 Defeat Zext Ji Quarius.
Abyssal Star Core
50 Defeat Stell Alaqran.
Divine Armor
100 Defeat Labe Virgos.
Weaver of Paradise
100 Defeat the true final boss.
New Day
50 Begin the Epilogue.
Diligent Curiosity
100 Clear 10 stages.
Steel Researcher
100 Clear 50 stages.
Bold Warrior
100 Defeat 200 enemies.
Historic Warrior
100 Defeat 2000 enemies.
Intense Warrior
100 Defeat 5000 enemies.
Secret Sword Dancer
100 Defeat 100 enemies with sword techs.
Peerless Magic
100 Defeat 1000 enemies with arts.
Hundred Counter
100 Use Flash Guard to defend against 100 attacks.
Soul of Fortitude
100 Fall off the stage 20 times.
Avatar of Destruction
100 Break 1000 objects.
Sparkly Stone Maniac
100 Collect 5000 shining stones.
Spirited Advance
100 Clear 10 stages without taking damage.
Hundred Attack
100 Achieve a Chain of 100.
Like a Rain of Stars
100 Achieve a Chain of 200.
Lightning Speed
100 Clear a stage within 60 seconds.
World Traveler
200 Exceed 50 hours of play time.
Hero of Remnant Isle
200 Complete all quests.+
Teller of Battles
200 Obtain all monster info.+
Gourmet Master
200 Cook all lunchboxes.+
Weapon Master
200 Collect all equipment.+
Hand of Creation
200 Obtain all arts.+
Top-Class Collector
200 Complete the museum.+
Full Mastery
200 Complete training with Master Orbus.+
Otherworld Traveler
200 Clear all stages.+
Star Shard Observer
200 Analyze all Star Fragments.+
Scholar's Egg
100 Clear the game on Normal or higher difficulty.
Future Talent
100 Clear the game on Hard or higher difficulty.
Knower of the Starry Sea
100 Clear the game on Infinity difficulty.+
Little Giant
100 Attain level 50.
100 Carry at least one million Mira at one time.
Friend to Mishie
100 Find Mishie in every chapter.
Nayuta Mastery
400 Obtain all other trophies.+


  • All points are total up to 5,400 points.
  • In New Game Plus, the collected achievements also reward points to be spent on Astrolabe bonuses.


  1. All credits go to Emmy_Altava from GameFAQs
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