Nayuta's Horizon and Frontier
The game is a Story Action RPG, a different new genre while taking place in the same world as the Trails Series[1] in a different location apart from Zemuria. Combining the basic controls from the Dragon Slayer games and the story-telling suspense from The Legend of Heroes III: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch.
Nayuta - Fieldplay

Basic System

The player controls Nayuta around the world's setting while going through the game's story's actions, event sequences, equipment and costumes in varied graphics, and boss battles on large scale events.

Combat Mechanics

There will be three types of actions:

  • Skills: Nayuta's Sword skills. Repeated attacks can form a CHAIN that increases attack power, mira farming, and other bonuses. Based on Nayuta's performance after clearing a stage, he can learn more "techniques" and "knowledge"
  • Arts: Noi's "Four Seasons Magic". Defeating high-level monsters will restore Noi's powers and gain greater spells.
  • Gear Crafts: Special Abilities where Nayuta and Noi can attack simultaneously.


One of the game's uniqueness is the "Seasonal Change System", where the player can freely change the seasons of the stages. Influential to the quests given by the handyman


  • An Achievement system from Zero/Ao no Kiseki.
  • Finding Mishie
  • An elaborative museum which grows from the items discovered in chests and defeated monsters. There are over 100 items to collect including fossils, insects, fish and treasures.


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