Nayuta no Kiseki Original Soundtrack
Nayuta no Kiseki OST
Cover Information
Catalog # NW10103170
Release Date September 27, 2012
Price 3,129 Yen
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Published by Falcom
Media Format 2 CDs
Composed by Falcom Sound Team JDK (Hayato Sonoda, Takahiro Unisuga, Saki Momiyama)
Arranged by Noriyuki Kamikura
Yukihiro Jindo
Performed by Kanako Kotera
Daisuke Miyazaki
Atsushi Enomoto
Akiko Nagano
Lyrics by Kanako Kotera
Hideaki Hamada
Total Length 75:33 mins (Disc 1)
72:53 mins (Disc 2)

Nayuta no Kiseki Original Soundtrack (那由多の軌跡 オリジナルサウンドトラック Nayuta no Kiseki Orijinaru Saundotorakku) is the soundtrack album for the PSP game, Nayuta no Kiseki. It was released on September 27, 2012.


  1. Nayuta's Stellar Tale - Opening Size-/Kanako Kotera
  2. The Island Left Behind
  3. Orbus the Master Swordsman
  4. Tower of Ruins
  5. One Summer Day
  6. Overflowing Feelings
  7. Lost Heaven
  8. Creha
  9. To the Undiscovered World
  10. Get Back the Power of "Arts"!
  11. Stage Clear
  12. The Edifice of Knowledge
  13. Temple of the Continent
  14. Sword of Nayuta
  15. Emerging Suspicions
  16. Astrolabe
  17. Peaceful Daily Life
  18. Dazzling Sunlight
  19. The Water Cave of the Abyss
  20. Nayuta, Don't Give Up
  21. Naraku Disease
  22. Illusions On Ice
  23. Snowbound Sacred Mountain
  24. Canyon of Harvest
  25. Gentle Lullaby - Creha -
  26. Temporary Rest
  27. Scorching Fault
  28. A Surge of Impatience
  29. Indelible Feeling
  30. The Golden World (Terra)
  31. Clear and Mild Reef
  32. The Central Tower - Heliograd
  33. Zechst's Threat

  1. Sky of Truth
  2. The Planetary Metropolis - Lexandria
  3. Forgotten City
  4. The Administrator's Ordeal
  5. Memory of the Planet
  6. The Deepest Area - Stellarium
  7. The Place Where The Planet Is
  8. Win Back Your Heart
  9. The Time of Re-Creation
  10. Nihilistic Icon
  11. Mission of the Mythos
  12. Far-Off Promise
  13. Rime On Trees of Silver
  14. Twilight of the Dragon River
  15. The Foothill of Lightning
  16. Desolate Ground
  17. Paean of Crimson
  18. Large Cave of Frenzy
  19. Towards a Mountain Top
  20. White Ash Ordeal
  21. Alone Battle
  22. For My Precious Friend
  23. Shrouded In Morning Sun
  24. Nayuta's Feelings/Kanako Kotera
  25. Beyond the Everlasting Time
  26. Nayuta's Stellar Tale/Kanako Kotera
  27. The Door to Adventure


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