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This is the in-depth walkthrough for Nayuta no Kiseki for Playstation Portable.

Chapter Title Summary
Prologue: Door to the Otherworld
序章: 異世界への扉
Chapter 01: The Gears in Motion
第1章: 動き出す歯車
Chapter 02: Guardian of Paradise
第2章: 楽園の護り手
Chapter 03: Hell Fever
第3章: 奈落病
Chapter 04: The Final Key
第4章: 最後の鍵
Chapter 05: The Truth of Mythos
第5章: 《神話》の真実
Chapter 05: The Truth of Mythos
第6章: 絆が紡ぐ道
Finale: A Distant Promise
終章: 遙かなる約束
Epilogue: To the Endless Stars
後日譚: 那由多の星たちに

Item List

New Game Plus

Allows to restart the game carrying over and unlocking various bonuses.

  • Playtime and Achievements
  • The "Infinity" Difficulty is unlocked
  • New characters will appear on "Remnant Island".
  • New Quests and Events are added
  • All the seasons in each continent are unlocked
  • Astrolabe Bonuses are accessible using the achievement points.
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