Nebel Valley (霧降り峡谷 Kiriori kyōkoku) is the Bose Region's foggy valley, just north of the East Bose Highway. The Capua Hideout is located there with the isolated Willmer's Mountain Hut. It is also where Master Cryon, a monster lurking in the valley can be found and exterminated as part of a mission. In Trails in the Sky SC, the cave of the ancient dragon Ragnard rests before fleeing from General Morgan's airfleet.


The area consists of many pathways and a very foggy geographical setting with many inclines and bridges. When the player first enters the place, there will be 2 separate pathways to choose from. Going on the western pathway leads to Master Cryon, a Bear Claw, and a treasure chest containing a Katar for Joshua. Going on the eastern path leads to Willmer's Mountain Hut, a Bear Claw, and a chest containing a Strega-R. It also leads to a dead-end which actually is the entrance to the Capua Hideout.

Willmer's Mountain Hut

Name Price
Red Tail Soup 350 Mira
Tear Balm 200 Mira
Purging Balm 100 Mira
Softening Balm 100 Mira
Smelling Salts 100 Mira
Insulating Tape 100 Mira
Reviving Balm 200 Mira
Abaddon Pot Luck 0 Mira

Treasure Chests/Quotes

  • Katars - "I feel so empty. . ."
  • Strega-R - "You've taken everything from me. . . EVERYTHING!



  • Nebel translates to 'fog' in German.
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