The New Ansel Path is a road south of the City of Bose that leads directly to the Valleria Lakeshore straight down south. The road consists of mainly a straight road with some surrounding wildlife like trees and plants. The Amberl Tower can be reached by going down this road.


The New Ansel Path is like any good old standard road in Trails in the Sky, because it has the basic road with surrounding lanterns to ward off monsters with actual enemies on the side along with grasses and bushes. South along the road leads to the Valleria Lakeshore and going west on an intersection leads to the Amberl Tower instead. There is also 1 mandatory bracer side mission the player has to go through to further the story and it is an extermination mission against Amber Turtles.

Treasure Chests/Quotes

There are no treasure chests in the area.

Enemies List

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