The town of New Borun (ニューボルン Nyuu Borun) resembles Borun, but appears like a more renovated version of its sister town. Unlike Borun, it is not surrounded by water. It is a popular destination and sees its share of crooked salesmen and Octum's Apostles.

There is a poison swamp directly south of the town.  It is protected by the wind of the Spirit Forest north of town, which carries a fragrance that purifies poison. The fragance is from the Meefas that live there.

The residents of New Borun participate in the Scotia Festival, but it is unknown whether or not they celebrate it in their own town while they are not the hosts.


Arrvining in New Borun, the group tracks down Douglas at the inn. Avin trys to give him back his Thunder Sword, but Douglas refuses saying it was his own fault for being caught by the bandits and losing the match due to his inability to notice that the floor would break down. Avin starts to argue with Douglas by insulting each other, but Mile stops the fight. After being lectured by Mile, Douglas decides to take back the sword as long as he can accompany the group and help them in their journey. They agree and stay in town. Eventually, they receive a tip that a girl matching Eimelle's description was seen in the Spirit Forest northeast of town and the group heads out.

After taking care of the events in the Spirit Forest, the group heads back to New Borun. On their way to town, they are stopped by a mysterious man who sprinkles silver water on them. When they arrive back in New Borun, they find the town under a shroud of poisonous gas and understand what the mysterious man was doing by sprinkling the water on them. Archem's grandfather deduces the reason for the poisonous air was that the Meefas, because they had hidden from being hunted, were no longer purifying the air from the swamp. The group travels to Golda Cave and convinces the Meefas to return. They agree and lift the poison gas from New Borun.

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