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Evo data import
Ao new game plus

The New Game Plus, otherwise known as Data Import (データの引継ぎ Detta no Hikitsugi) is an unlockable video game mode that is most prevalent is most Japanese RPGs. After clearing the first game once, you can import the saved data into the new game. If the game series continue, you can import a cleared game save from the previous sequel onto the next.

This means all the items, character levels, equipment and other data from the previous saved data will be in the game. You can complete what was left out or accidentally dismissed as a personal quest while replaying the whole walkthrough. For the PS3 and PSVITA games, the feature stands as the means to unlock all trophies and achievements.

The Legend of Heroes franchise first used this feature from the first game The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky on PSP. In order to import into each other, the games should be played in the following order. This sequence is independent to each series, and the EVOLUTION remakes follow a parallel order according to release date.

Trails of the Sky Trilogy

Zero/Ao Duology

Trails of Cold Steel Trilogy



  • During the game save transfer to the sequel game, all the items are discarded, while gaining some as a bonus.
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