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  • Arts - Noi is able to use the "Magic of the Four Seasons" which strengthen as she levels up. Examples below include:
    • Autumn Magic: Maple Wind - Creates a whirlwind that gradually increases in size.
    • Spring Magic: Luna Butterfly - Summons an illusion of a butterfly that confuses enemies.
    • Summer Magic: Corona Laser - concentrates sunlight into a powerful laser attack.
    • Winter Magic: Crystal Lance - Attacks enemies with lances of ice.
  • Gear Crafts - Gear Crafts are skills performed through Nayuta and Noi's cooperation. Examples below include:
    • Gear Buster: Destroy obstacles in your way. Activated by holding Circle button.
    • Gear Drive: The ability to scale walls. Activated by holding Triangle button.
    • Gear Hold: Gives the ability to jump onto and hang and move between gears in the air. Activated by holding X button.
    • Gear Shield: Protects from enemy attacks, poisonous fields and other dangerous elements. Activated by holding R button.
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