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The Nomadic Village (ノルドの遊牧集落 Norudo no Yūboku shūraku) is a nomad village located in the centre of Nord Highlands's high plateaus. It is the home village of Gaius Worzel and his family.


The village itself is a mobile residence migrating to a different location each season by their own system named "Gel (ゲル)". Longly related to the empire, the nomads living establishes good contact with the Imperial Army Brigades stationed at Zender Gate. They live through hunting and stock breeding while being known for their history of spiritual faith with the winds and the goddess, while gaining education from travelling priests.

According to Erebonian history, Erebonian Prince, Dreichels Reise Arnor wandered there in his youth until the “War of the Lions” invoked. As Dreichels take up the stand, so did the nomads providing him their support until the eventually became the new emperor.


The Nord Nomads live in the Highlands in the northern part of the Empire. They are known throughout Erebonian history as people of spiritual faith, living their everyday life hunting and stock breeding.

During the "War of the Lions" in which the candidates for emperor fought for the throne, the Nord people rallied for Imperial prince Dreichels Reise Arnor, who would become emperor. The Nord Highlands are located in the space between the Erebonian Empire and the opposing Calvard Republic, and is becoming wrapped up in a territorial dispute between the two countries.


  • Equestrianism: The nomads are known to be expert horse-breeders training them to prairie across the highlands.
  • Orbal Car: While abiding tradition, the nomads follow the modern age using cars to carry heavy stuff.


  • The concept of the highlands, the Nomadic Village and its stories are based off of ancient Islamic theology.
    • When people would not have permanent home, they would live as nomads in a sustainable environment. The sealed Djinn is based off of the spiritual creatures in Islam, also spelled Jinn.
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