Northern Jaegers 3rd

The Northern Jaegers in the State's uprising

The Northern Jaegers (北の猟兵 Kita no Ryouhei) are one of the known Jaeger Corps from North Ambria State in the Trails Series.


Originally the state's military, they became Jaegers after the Salt Pale incident devastated the principality into its current sovereign and plunging into financial crisis. The remnant soldiers reconfigured itself into a Jaeger Corp by offering their services throughout Zemuria to obtain foreign investment to reconstruct the land.

Their reputation is highly known for their military experience and armaments, making them high-ranked throughout the continent.


Trails in the Sky the 3rd

S.1203, November. They were hired as security guards for the Conrad Company's masquerade ball aboard the Lusitania. But were outmatched by Kevin Graham who infiltrated the party to retrieve an artifact along with apprehending its holder, Hermann Conrad.

Trails of Cold Steel II

During the Erebonian Civil War, the Northern Jaegers made a contract with Duke Helmut Albarea as part of Kruezen's army faction for the Noble Alliance.

S.1204, November 30. They raided Ymir under Duke Albarea's personal orders learning that Princess Alfin was taking refuge. Teo Schwarzer took down most of them, but eventually turned the tables by taking a child hostage. In the end, they were all defeated by and enraged and awakened Rean Schwarzer.

Northern jeagers

December 24 to 25. With the Kruezen Province liberated by the Imperial Army, its Provincial Army and the Jaegers burned down all of Celdic. Most homes were destroyed with major casualties as a result. They were stationed as one of Aurochs Fort's defenses, but were defeated by Class VII with the remnants taken down their instructor single-handedly. Shaken and admired by their former comrade's resolve against the odds, the Northern Jaegers marched away with their objective completed thereby terminating their contract.


  • It was revealed in Cold Steel II that Sara Valestein was once a member 6 years prior to the trilogy.
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