A religious society that follows Octum, the God of Darkness. Among its members are many sorcerers and martial artists, and they have regularly moved society to manipulate the history of El Phildin. For centuries they have continued to act against the Church of Bardus, but their existence has been concealed by the masses. The royal family denies the existence of those who serve the God of Darkness, and so these incidents have not been recorded in detail in the history books. They have had to acknowledge the Apostles' existence since the attack on the Church of Bardus' holy land Cathedral in Gagharv year 929.

Members of Octum's Apostles consists of:

  • Lord Bellias: The current leader of Octum's Apostles.
  • Borgeid: Bellias' right hand man renowned for his cruelty.
  • Rutice: An Apostle who later joins Avin's side.
  • Bernard: Rutice's former partner.
  • Dark Sorcerers: Masters of witchcraft.
  • Assassins: Henchmen of the Apostles.
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