Kanji オレシア
Rōmaji Oreshia
Physical Information
Age 35 (Tear of Vermillion)
42 (Song of the Ocean)
91 (Moonlight Witch)
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color
Hair Color
Weapon N/A
Occupation Director of Benequia Monastery
Religion Church of Bardus
Game Appearances The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion

Ollesia (オレシア Oreshia) is a character from The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion. Ollesia helped Avin and Eimelle escape from the Cathedral at the start of the game. She went with Eimelle to Benequia Monastery, hoping to camouflage her from the Octum's Apostles by grouping her with girls around her age.


Ollesia is very caring towards everyone she is responsible for like Avin and Eimelle.  She also has a lot of self control and respects rules more than self satisfaction.  Even though he played a major role on the death of her best friend, Ollesia did not want Avarice to be killed.  She tried to reason with Madram to not let anger and revenge take control of him, but was unable to convince him.


After being seperated during the escape from the Cathedral, Avin meets with Ollesia again at Benequia Monastery.

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